Monday, January 5, 2009

The Biography

Dampness (Hristyuk Alyona Sergeevna) - musician, designer, model and poet. Was born on September, 2nd in the small ancient silent town Pskov, perhaps, in the most favorable place for creativity. Dampness is Alternative Electronic, Experimental, Instrumental, IDM, Ambient, Neoclassical project, generated in the beginning of 2006. Her art is created in connection with special perception of the natural phenomena, in particular such as, a rain and a fog, a cold and dampness which is necessary for she as to other people the sun. From here also has appeared her creative pseudonym - Dampness. Probably, not superfluous will tell, that in the beginning and in a basis of all was, all the same, drawing (canvases, oil paints, brushes), therefore music became natural continuation of a picturesque embodiment of conditions in the richest palette, already, musical canvases. And there was it approximately so: There were no paints, the canvas will be not not pulled in time on a underframe, and the inspiration does not wait, here and there was a simple decision - has glanced in a computer, and there, the idea has already lodged! - to splash out the inspiration in music as all one to one has converged - there was a program with the magic name "Garageband", for the first time having opened which on March, 16th 2006, has created the first track which has received then the name "Rain". This day the beginning was necessary to it not commercial project. It was enough a crude material which, later the long time interval, has been modified and renamed as "Nébuleux". Having mastered completely the program for couple of months, without someone's help from and auxiliary books, for the first time have appeared intentions to write down and publish an album, but anything explanatory it was impossible because of absence of an additional software.

Push to progress in musical creativity became new software, right after which installations, was created "Empty Street" on July, 13th, 2006. In each creation all soul was put. Sitting at home in headphones behind the Macintosh the twenty-four hours straight, inspired, practically completely isolated from dialogue, a dream and walks, she created more and more new material, constantly experimenting with a sound, deforming field records, sating music unexpected use of various tools, for example: notes of a harpsichord as much as possible put to each other in a track "Strange Night 25"; the deformed voice similar to a violin in a track "Strings Of Old Houses"; a sound in a track " November Stones Inverted 19 ", similar to movement and friction of cobble-stones, created in Native Instruments without field-recording. Sounds of a rain, wind, strange voices of the birds, constantly varying melody during each composition, merge of natural and electronic tools. An overall objective always was the desire to oversaturate composition - it is maximal to detail, not having missed any slightest nuance to enable the listener to plunge in atmospherical, magical stylishness and depth in each track.
The track "4th May. Morning Roofs" has been created after next night walking under a spring rain of 2007 and because of the big love to roofs of houses on which there is no opportunity to get and meet a sunrise. The new epoch, the new vision, a new stream of ideas and more critical perception of earlier creativity has begun with this track. Each track fixed especial emotional experiences, which never to return, better, than any photo. At each listening there is a real opportunity to go through anew left condition of all in some minutes. Her life has completely changed - any aspiration was gone will return to that time interval when she was not the musician.
When at April night from a window, suddenly, have begun to sound voices of strange birds, there was a fog with a smell of dampness in the old house... Sounds of these strange birds was recorded all the night long, and, after a while, have been cut on pieces and are processed. This sounds have suggested creations "Strange Night 25". More often as an impulse to creation of a new thing, records of field sounds began to serve. In many cases, strange sounds all over again was recorded and deformed, and the basic melody then was already written. Idea to create "Falling Tree" has appeared after a casual find - a sound of a falling tree. As a result, the short thing with the tragical end about a tree, as about the lonely spiritualized essence has been written. On November, 28th 2007 - the track "Please, Save My Heart..." on which creation some hours are has left all is created. This track embodies heart in all senses, spiritually and physically.
"Canvas" - as usual carefully worked, multilayered, as a complex organism. It is created on December, 2nd, 2006. Comprises rustling a brush on a canvas; the electronic sound changed under a voice; rhythmically collected multilayered mosaic from the organ, sounding as the whole big orchestra. A push to creation became the strange dream and huge love to drawing by oil on a canvas.

It is very important to note, what her music is devoted to an ancient practice of the Tibetan llamas - "the Eye of Revival" in which it is engaged more than two years. She created music specially to carry out under these five ritual actions also recommends it to all practising as original "soundtrack" to performance of these exercises, and all listeners recommends to practise "the Eye of Revival" because it is powerful system of improvement, rejuvenescence and increases of power of an organism. Regular performance of five ritual actions can not only restore health, but also give new opportunities in the spiritual and power sphere.

Dampness conducts the extremely solitary way of life, keeps away from an external world, she is allocated by strong power, and desire to raise the spiritual level. Her opinion - music should comprise the most powerful, uncontrollable stream of crystal-clear power of musician, influencing to listener extremely favorably. Aspires to create music that from listening the spiritual pacification was reached. Unique days, the especial rare moments of happiness, ease and enlightenments it aspires to keep in creativity. Even being in strong depression, writes music which helps from it to get out.

Unique of published, gothicly gloomy track - "Undergo Trials", is created on January, 25th 2008, a basis of its melody became a sound created by change up to unrecognizability of voices of animals and night rustling sounds. Voices became very strange, similar on beyond the grave. The melody put on these sounds, and result have been written to the same day - a track about the died people, but not calmed down after death which live among us, furiously wish to be heard and eat power of alive people. It is the most gloomy track is not entered into the first disk only because it is not entered in the general condition of an album and breaks its integrity.

Last track, under the name "Layers" has been written down on February, 11th 2008 which melody has dreamed to Dampness in a dream, then, she is fast on hearing has made it In GarageBand. On a cover of an album one of her favourite pictures, written prior to the beginning of musical activity, and the name of album " Life Without The Canvas " it is logical, because Dampness the artist drawing since the early childhood. On an extent the record of an album continued of 2 years, she has completely refused a canvas, paints and brushes. But for these years not having forgot nearly to draw, after end of record of an album at once has started to write a picture which writes till now and is going to use it as a cover of a new disk in which record she will borrow in the beginning of 2009.

She does not aspire to conclude the contract with a label, to belong to someone together with the creativity. Knowing, that on experimental music you will not earn much, she distributes it free of charge, wishing to involve all seldom meeting, fans of alternative, experimental, sincere creativity. Probably, albums will be published by small exclusive circulation, as the author's edition with the signature which can be got from a personal exhibition of its pictures. But when it will be, while precisely it is impossible to assume.

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